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UMass-ish Drumline Cadence (2009)

A simple, easy cadence for your high school drumline, based on the world-famous UMass Drumline Cadence.

This cadence is follows a similar pattern to the UMass cadence: Intro, Exercise 8, Double Beat (exercise 2), Check Patterns, “Monkey Beats,” and an outro Tag.

This drumline cadence is FREE to download, print, and share. You can also buy the original editable Sibelius file—if you want to rearrange the music.

This version of the UMass-ish 2009 free drumline cadence is arranged for:

  • Snare drums
  • Quads/tenor drums
  • 5 bass drums

Like this free drumline cadence? Grab the PDF here ⤵

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