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Turn Down for What for Drumline: Lil Jon Arrangement

Turn Down for What for Drumline, by Lil Jon.
Turn Down for What by Lil Jon sheet music for Drumline + Marching Percussion. Want your drumline turned up? We got you.

Turn Down for What by Lil Jon, arranged for Drumline + Marching Percussion. Never want your drumline to Turn Down? We got you.

Want your drumline to keep the crowd turned UP? This sheet music of DJ Snake & Lil Jon’s Turn Down for What for drumline is perfect for any marching battery.

The skills needed for this arrangement are mostly syncopated/upbeat rhythms, especially in the quads/tenor drums.

For drumline-only groups, this arrangement is perfect!


Turn Down for What for Drumline, by Lil Jon.


Drumlines playing Turn Down for What

We’re obviously not the first people to hear DJ Snake and Lil Jon’s track and think it’s perfect for a drumline.

There are videos all over YouTube of high school and college batteries playing this tune.

Even the Cleveland Browns drumline (who are actually part of the Bluecoats drum corps) have performed it.

You can find versions of it on Musescore and Scribd.

And prolific drumline cadence arranger Juan Rubio arranged one all the way back. Here’s his version—

And it’s no surprise. The song is catchy as hell. It was INSANELY popular. And its intro is basically begging to be played on a perfectly tuned kevlar head.


Download Turn Down for What for Drumline (PDF)

Parts: Snare, Tenors (quads or quints), and 3+ bass drums. The bass drum parts could easily be converted into a 4- or 5-drum split.

Ready to (never) turn down? Download your FREE copy of Lil Jon’s Turn Down for What sheet music for drumline now 👇👇

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