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Cream & Sugar

This drumline cadence is slow and catchy with a main chorus and features for each section.

This cadence starts out with a bass drum triplet groove and a split stick-click part. This leads into an amplified version of the original bass drum groove, with a skank part from the tenors and finish off with a strong ending.

This drumline cadence is FREE to download, print, and share.

  • Length: 1:00 / 23 measures
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Tempo: 100 bpm
  • Orchestration:
    • Snare
    • Tenors (5 pieces)
    • 5 Bass drums
    • Cymbals

About the Composer

This piece was composed by Oliver Munson of the Camas High School Drumline. You can find Oliver on YouTube, Instagram, and Musescore.

Download this Drumline Music

Like this free drumline cadence? Grab the PDF here ⤵

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