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Africa by Toto for Drumline

Africa by Toto, for Drumline + Marching Percussion -!
Can you hear the drums echoing tonight? This arrangement of Africa by Toto is perfect for any drumline or marching battery.

Africa by Toto, arranged for Drumline + Marching Percussion. Want your drumline playing Africa by Toto? Here it is.

The skills needed for this arrangement are mostly diddles/triplet rolls and paradiddlediddles, especially in the snare drums.

Also check out this arrangement on Musescore for a percussion ensemble. That arrangement has the benefit of keyboards and tonal instruments, so it sounds more complete.

But for drumline-only groups, this arrangement is perfect!


Africa by Toto for Drumline & Marching Percussion.

Download Africa by Toto for Drumline (PDF)

Parts: Snare, Tenors (quads or quints), 5 bass drums, and cymbal line. The bass drum parts could easily be converted into a 3- or 4-drum split.

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