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Africa by Toto for Drumline

Africa by Toto, arranged for Drumline + Marching Percussion. Want your drumline playing Africa by Toto? Here it is.

Can you hear the drums echoing tonight? This arrangement of Africa by Toto is perfect for any drumline or marching battery.

The skills needed for this arrangement are mostly diddles/triplet rolls and paradiddlediddles, especially in the snare drums.

Also check out this arrangement on Musescore for a percussion ensemble. That arrangement has the benefit of keyboards and tonal instruments, so it sounds more complete.

But for drumline-only groups, this arrangement is perfect!


Africa by Toto for Drumline & Marching Percussion.

Download Africa by Toto for Drumline (PDF)

Parts: Snare, Tenors (quads or quints), 5 bass drums, and cymbal line. The bass drum parts could easily be converted into a 3- or 4-drum split.

Ready to bless the rains? Download your FREE copy of Africa by Toto for drumline now πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

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